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Smells Like Developer In This Bitch Candle for Her

Smells Like Developer In This Bitch Candle for Her

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Unleash your inner coding wizard with the hilarious "Code & Chill: Developer's Soy Candle." Ditch the stale office air and fill your workspace with an invigorating fragrance that sparks creativity and helps conquer those bugs. Made with 100% natural soy wax and an eco-friendly cotton wick, this candle burns clean and bright, just like your future code.

Choose from 6 amazing scents (listed below) to create your perfect coding atmosphere:

  • Deciphering complex algorithms: Light a scent that promotes focus and mental clarity.
  • Crushing deadlines: Find inspiration with an energizing aroma to power through those late nights.
  • Celebrating a successful deployment: Light up the room with an uplifting fragrance to mark your achievements.

Available in two sizes:

  • 9oz: Perfect for big projects (and maybe even spacious workspaces!)
  • 4oz: Ideal for a personal touch on your desk.

Dev-approved safety: Complies with ASTM safety standards for peace of mind.

Unscented option available: Great for those intense debugging sessions where focus is key. (Coffee not included, but highly recommended!)

Handmade in the USA with globally sourced parts: A unique masterpiece, just like your coding skills.

Order yours today and add a touch of humor and developer pride to your workspace!

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