Collection: Christmas Blankets

Wrap yourself inside the warmth of the holiday spirit with our pleasant series of Christmas blankets. 

Our christmas throw blankets are mainly designed for cold cold wintry weather nights with more contact of attraction to your area.

From design to quality, you will discover everything at the Festival Gift Shop. We craft our merchandise with care. 

From conventional snowflakes and reindeer to jolly Santas spreading cheer, every blanket has its precise layout.

Velveteen Christmas Minky Blanket: Introducing our Velveteen Christmas Minky Blanket, a true embodiment of comfy beauty at some stage in the festive season. Crafted with Sumptuous Velvet Texture, this blanket gives a remarkable tactile experience that's as smooth as a snowflake's touch.

Tan Christmas Sherpa Blanket: Discover the correct blend of style and heat with our Tan Christmas Sherpa Blanket. Its elegant tan hue complements any decor, embellished with subtle holiday patterns for a festive touch. Versatile and relaxed, it is the suitable addition to your iciness rest.

Beige Christmas Sherpa Blankets: Elevate your iciness environment with our Beige Christmas Sherpa Blankets. The soothing beige tone harmonizes with seasonal motifs, providing each fashion and snugness. Indulge in versatile coziness that captures the essence of the vacations.

Blue Christmas Sherpa Blankets: Wrap yourself in serene consolation with our Blue Christmas Sherpa Blankets. The calming blue shades meld with festive designs, bringing iciness attraction to your space. Experience, rest and style intertwined, best for embracing the vacation spirit.

Red Christmas Sherpa Blankets: Infuse your house with the spirit of the season using our Red Christmas Sherpa Blankets. The colourful crimson palette merges seamlessly with excursion-themed patterns, offering both snugness and festivity. Embrace the joy of the holidays while staying cozy in fashion.

Green Christmas Sherpa Blankets: Experience the vacation attraction with our Green Christmas Sherpa Blankets. The wealthy inexperienced tones blend harmoniously with festive motifs, providing each warmth and seasonal style. Elevate your rest as you bask in the pleasure of the season.

Christmas Picnic Blanket: Take the holiday cheer exterior with our Christmas Picnic Blanket. Featuring merry designs, this transportable blanket adds a hint of joyful celebration to your picnics. Enjoy the consolation of the season at the same time as developing loved reminiscences underneath open skies. 

Christmas Minky Blanket: Experience the attraction of the holidays with our Christmas Minky Blanket. Luxuriously soft and decorated with festive styles, it is your ticket to comfortable winter nights. Wrap your self in warmth and pleasure as you rejoice the season in style. 

Velveteen Plush Christmas Blanket: Indulge in the opulence of the season with our Velveteen Plush Christmas Blanket. The velvety texture merges seamlessly with holiday designs, providing both elegance and coziness. Elevate your festive moments with a hint of luxury.

Popular Christmas Blankets

Discover the best festive partners with our variety of Christmas blankets and throws. From the regal comfort of our king-size Christmas blankets to the cuddly pride of our Christmas sherpa blankets, each piece is designed to embody the warm temperature and joy of the season.

King-Size Luxury: Elevate your vacation nights with our king-size Christmas blankets. Embrace the grandeur of the season at the same time as staying comfortable and fashionable.

Sherpa Bliss: Immerse yourself in consolation with our Christmas sherpa blankets. Soft as snow and embellished with holiday appeal, they are ideal for festive cuddles.

Thoughtful Remembrance: Honor your family with our Christmas grave blankets, a heartwarming tribute that maintains their reminiscence alive at some point of the holiday season.

Wrap your self within the magic of the holidays with our collection of Christmas blankets and throws. Explore the comfy beauty that brings warmth in your winter wonderland.