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16 x 72 Red Christmas Table Runner (Cotton, Poly)

16 x 72 Red Christmas Table Runner (Cotton, Poly)

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It’s the season for Christmas dinners, and you’ll want your kitchen to look its best! Red Christmas Table Runner is here to help. This one-sided runner comes in either cotton twill or polyester, with hemmed edges for a secure fit. Choose from single sizes – 16" × 72" – that will add a wonderful touch and liven up any kitchen. 

With vivid color and an artsy design, you can create a picturesque catalog scene in your very own home. Perfect for indoor use, Red Christmas Table Runner is the perfect way to make sure that each holiday meal looks as good on the table as it tastes!

Red Christmas Table Runner (Cotton, Poly)

100% Polyester: Soft, comfortable, and durable - perfect for families who want to snuggle up together and keep warm.

Available in three sizes: Whether you prefer a small, medium, or large blanket; our Red Christmas Sherpa Blankets are sure to fit the bill.

Grey & Beige Color Options: Add a touch of elegance and warmth with these stylish sherpa blankets. Choose from gray or beige colors to coordinate with any décor style.

Rounded Corners: Not only great for looks – curved corners prevent fraying and keep your blanket looking newer for longer!

Perfect Gift Idea: Give the gift of warm comfort and relaxation this holiday season! Our cozy sherpa blankets make a great present for all ages.

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