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Christmas Polycotton Towel

Christmas Polycotton Towel

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Bring the luxuries of a spa experience right to your own home with our Christmas Polycotton Towel set! Boasting a 50% Polyester 50% Cotton blend, these extra-soft and lush towels will provide you with the ultimate in comfort and absorbency, whether you’re drying off after a hot shower or relaxing on the beach. The one-sided print adds an eye-catching design element to these already luxurious towels. 

With its white cotton loop backing, each towel is designed for maximum absorbency while also offering an incredibly soft texture that will leave you feeling pampered and refreshed. Plus, each Christmas Polycotton Towel features a size variance of +/- 1.2", allowing for the perfect fit no matter how much surface area you may need to cover. Indulge in superior luxury that won’t break the bank!

Christmas Polycotton Towel

50% Polyester / 50% Cotton - Experience the best of both worlds; a combination of eco-friendly and performance fabrics! Our unique blend ensures strength, softness, ultra absorbency & fast drying capabilities.

White cotton loop backing - Enjoy extra lush absorbency with our one-sided print towel! The white cotton loop on the reverse side provides maximum absorption to keep you feeling clean & refreshed at home, spa, or beach.

Soft and absorbent - Get ready to be amazed by ultra-softness & extreme absorbency! Our polycotton towels quickly absorbs moisture, so you can enjoy your day without worrying about being wet.

One sided print - Don't worry about fading colors! With one-sided printing provides consistent vibrant colors for your decorating needs. Perfect for your home decoration or holiday gift giving.

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