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White Christmas Dornier Rug

White Christmas Dornier Rug

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Make a statement in your home with the White Christmas Dornier Rug from Company Name. This beautiful, personalized rug brings warmth and an extra cozy feel to any room. With a silky-soft step and an anti-slip bottom for enhanced safety, it's perfect for adding a little bit of character to any living room, bedroom, or hallway.

The fully printable rug is made from 100% polyester and is designed with a textured non-skid back and durable textured face for maximum support and comfort. And with sizes varying from 20" x 32" (51cm x 81cm) to 35" x 63" (89cm x 160cm) or even 63" x 84" (160cm x 213cm), it's perfect for large and small spaces. Bring an extra touch of personality to your home today with the White Christmas Dornier Rug from Company Name.

White Christmas Dornier Rug Features:

100% polyester - Enjoy the comfort and ease of a soft, durable rug that will stand up to your daily use. The luxurious feel of the fabric is complemented by the textured non-skid backing and plush face. Ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, hallways and more!

Textured non-skid back - Step with confidence! This superior quality rug features a textured non-skid rubber backing on all sizes which ensures stability on tile or hardwood floors. Keeps you safe as you go about your day.

Durable textured face - Wash without fear of fading or damage! Offering superior stain resistance, this high-quality rug is tough enough to resist staining or fading from everyday spills and wear. Enjoy a beautiful addition to any home décor.

Available in 3 different sizes - Perfect for decorating any area in your home! Choose from three different sizes: 20" × 32", 35" × 63" and 63" × 84". No matter the size of your space, this rug will look stunningly festive during the holiday season.

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