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Christmas Waterproof Pillows

Christmas Waterproof Pillows

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Let Christmas Waterproof Pillows provide you with that extra layer of protection from unwanted liquids and oils. Whether it's rain or a coffee spill, these pillows are designed to stay fresh, clean, and stain-free with their durable polyester broadcloth cover which is water and oil repellent. You can also rest easy knowing the fill material inside is removable so you can choose between a polyester or polyfill mixture for your desired comfort level. 

The best part is each pillow comes with a concealed zipper, making it easy to remove or adjust the fill as needed and tailor to your individual needs each night. Choose one of four different sizes available and let your creativity run wild with splash-resistant fabric – the only thing you can splash on them are your beautiful designs!

Christmas Waterproof Pillows

Rain or coffee spills - Don't worry about rain or spilled liquids anymore! These pillows have exterior fabric that is water- and oil-repellent, keeping them looking fresh and clean. Liquid won't damage the soft to the touch pillows.

Choose from four sizes - Get the size you need! From a small cushion for your sofa to a large one for your bed, pick one of four different sizes. All have concealed zippers and removable polyester fillings, so you get exactly what you want.

Splash on your designs - Add a bit of fun and color with no fuss! Design these pillows as much as you want by printing out special designs and adding them on. It's easy to change things up whenever you want with no risk of damaging the pillow's interior.

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